Warhammer League Club League Standings

League Year

Overall League Standings
PosPlayerGame SystemPSHGBScore
1Bradley PWH40K1020.5020.0040.00080.50
2Rowan CAoS1722.5017.0640.00079.56
3Diederick KWH40K919.5020.0040.00079.50
4Darryn PAoS1020.8818.0040.00078.88
5Matty NWH40K817.0020.0040.00077.00
Darryn PWH40K1022.0015.0040.00077.00
7Keith GAoS1219.5615.0040.00074.56
8Keagan BWH40K817.0013.7540.00070.75
9Kevin OWH40K410.0020.0040.00070.00
10Kyle JWH40K37.5020.0040.00067.50
11Braiden BAoS49.8517.5040.00067.35
12Andrea BAoS39.2616.6740.00065.93
13Greg MWH40K25.0020.0040.00065.00
Kyle SWH40K511.0014.0040.00065.00
15Andrea BWH40K48.5015.0040.00063.50
16Quentin GAoS13.0920.0040.00063.09
Diederick KAoS13.0920.0040.00063.09
Dale BAoS13.0920.0040.00063.09
Celeste vRAoS13.0920.0040.00063.09
20James Chu.WH40K511.0012.0040.00063.00
21Stephan NWH40K12.5020.0040.00062.50
Shane HWH40K12.5020.0040.00062.50
Gareth FWH40K12.5020.0040.00062.50
Gareth BWH40K12.5020.0040.00062.50
25Braiden BWH40K25.0015.0040.00060.00
26Keagan BAoS47.3510.0040.00057.35
27Kyle OAoS26.1810.0040.00056.18
28Quentin GWH40K25.0010.0040.00055.00
29Shane SAoS13.0910.0040.00053.09
Kyle SAoS13.0910.0040.00053.09
31James WWH40K12.5010.0040.00052.50
Brandon WWH40K12.5010.0040.00052.50
33Paul AWH40K12.500.0040.00042.50
Alexei SWH40K12.500.0040.00042.50
Social Standings
PosPlayerGame SystemPOScore
1Rowan CAoS17522.50
2Darryn PWH40K10822.00
3Darryn PAoS10620.88
4Bradley PWH40K10720.50
5Keith GAoS12519.56
6Diederick KWH40K9719.50
7Matty NWH40K8617.00
Keagan BWH40K8617.00
9Kyle SWH40K5411.00
James Chu.WH40K5411.00
11Kevin OWH40K4410.00
12Braiden BAoS439.85
13Andrea BAoS339.26
14Andrea BWH40K438.50
15Kyle JWH40K337.50
16Keagan BAoS427.35
17Kyle OAoS226.18
18Quentin GWH40K225.00
Greg MWH40K225.00
Braiden BWH40K225.00
21Shane SAoS113.09
Quentin GAoS113.09
Kyle SAoS113.09
Diederick KAoS113.09
Dale BAoS113.09
Celeste vRAoS113.09
27Stephan NWH40K112.50
Shane HWH40K112.50
Paul AWH40K112.50
James WWH40K112.50
Gareth FWH40K112.50
Gareth BWH40K112.50
Brandon WWH40K112.50
Alexei SWH40K112.50
Hobby Standings
PosPlayerGame SystemPPaintedWYSIYWYGScore
1Bradley PWH40K10101020.00
Diederick KWH40K99920.00
Matty NWH40K88820.00
Kevin OWH40K44420.00
Kyle JWH40K33320.00
Greg MWH40K22220.00
Stephan NWH40K11120.00
Shane HWH40K11120.00
Quentin GAoS11120.00
Gareth FWH40K11120.00
Gareth BWH40K11120.00
Diederick KAoS11120.00
Dale BAoS11120.00
Celeste vRAoS11120.00
15Darryn PAoS1081018.00
16Braiden BAoS44317.50
17Rowan CAoS17131617.06
18Andrea BAoS32316.67
19Keith GAoS1271115.00
Darryn PWH40K1051015.00
Andrea BWH40K43315.00
Braiden BWH40K22115.00
23Kyle SWH40K52514.00
24Keagan BWH40K84713.75
25James Chu.WH40K51512.00
26Keagan BAoS41310.00
Quentin GWH40K21110.00
Kyle OAoS20210.00
Shane SAoS10110.00
Kyle SAoS10110.00
James WWH40K10110.00
Brandon WWH40K10110.00
33Paul AWH40K1000.00
Alexei SWH40K1000.00
Generalship Standings - Warhammer 40K
1Bradley P10703200
Keagan B8701200
Darryn P10406200
Andrea B4400200
Diederick K9306200
James Chu.5302200
Kevin O4301200
Matty N8206200
Greg M2110200
Kyle S5104200
Kyle J3102200
Gareth F1100200
Alexei S1100200
Shane H1100200
Quentin G2011200
Braiden B2002200
Paul A1001200
Gareth B1001200
James W1001200
Stephan N1001200
Brandon W1001200
Minimum of 10 games required to qualify for league placement
Generalship Standings - Warhammer Age of Sigmar
1Keith G12903200
Darryn P10811200
Rowan C175111200
Keagan B4400200
Braiden B4103200
Andrea B3102200
Kyle O2002200
Shane S1001200
Dale B1001200
Celeste vR1001200
Diederick K1001200
Quentin G1001200
Kyle S1001200
Minimum of 10 games required to qualify for league placement
Generalship Standings - X-Wing
Minimum of 10 games required to qualify for league placement

How League Standings Are Calculated

The overall league includes Warhammer 40K and Warhammer Fantasy. For each game system that a player participates in, they will have a separate entry in the league. This is to ensure that a player's bad scores in one system doesn't drag down their overall score. This also encourages players to try take part in multiple systems, as it gives a better chance to well in at least one of the systems.

A player's score on the league is a score out of 100. This score is made up of 3 categories, as detailed below. A player's score can increase past 100 from bonus points being awarded.

These scores are calculated separately per game system, and are relative only to the other players in that same system. So playing with an unpainted Warhammer 40K army will not affect a players hobby score in Warhammer Fantasy, where they might be always playing with a fully painted army.

1. Generalship Score

The generalship score counts for 40 of the total points. This score is calculated using the ranking system as detailed in this page. The person leading in generalship will always have the maximum 40 points. The score out of 40 for all other players is determined by how far away from the leader they are in generalship points. For example, if a player is only 1 generalship point behind the leader, they could easily be awarded 39.6 points (depending on how many other players there are and their positions).

2. Hobby Score

The hobby score counts for 20 of the total points, and is broken down further into painting and WYSIWYG, each counting for 10 and 10 of the 20 points respectively. Each of these scores is determined by the percentage of a player's total games played fully painted or fully WYSIWYG.

Example: Player has played 40 games. He has played 20 of those games fully painted, and 30 of them fully WYSIWYG. This will give him a painting score of 5 out of 10 and a WYSIWYG score of 7.5 out of 10, for a total hobby score of 12.5 out of 20. These scores have been included to try encourage players to get their armies painted and to play their armies as is rather than trying to proxy models as something better. This also rewards players for giving more attention to their hobby, even if they are not the best general, or not fielding the most efficient army.

• Fully painted

To qualify for fully painted, all models must meet the requirements as laid out in the DWGC Warhammer 40K House Rules Packet.

• Full WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)

To qualify for fully WYSIWYG, all models must meet the requirements as laid out in the DWGC Warhammer 40K House Rules Packet.

3. Social Score

The social score counts for 40 of the total points and is broken down further into games played and unique opponents, each counting for 10 and 30 of the 40 points respectively. Games played scored is based on a percentage of the games played relative to other players, so the more games played, the better the score. The person with the highest game count will always have 10 points for the games played score. The unique opponents score is determined by how many other players a player has played against. If a player has played against every other player, that player will have a full 30 points. These scores are a throwback to previous league systems we've used, as is there to try encourage players to get more games in, and to try play against different players.

How Generalship Standings Are Calculated

Every player starts with 200 rating points, and your rating point total can never go below zero.

At the beginning of every game you compare the rating point difference between the two players on the following chart:

Point Difference Rating Points
37-49 13/19
50-62 12/20
63-75 11/21
76-88 10/22
89-102 9/23
103-116 8/24
117-130 7/25

The first number in the Points column is the points that the winner gets and the loser loses if the higher rated player wins. The second number is the points that the winner gets and losers loses if the lower rated player wins the match.

In case of a tie, the higher ranked player loses half they points they would lose as if they had lost. The lower ranked player gains half the points they would have gained for a win. If both players are exactly the same, or within 5 points of each other, then both players gain half what they would have gained for a win.

Gavin plays Colin. Gavin has racked up 260 rating points after 5 victories, while Colin has lost 5 straight games and now has rating points of 140. The difference between the two players is 120. On the chart this indexes to 7/25.

This means that if Gavin wins:
Gavin's rating points = 260+7=267
Colin's rating points = 140-7 = 133

Should Colin pull off the upset win:
Gavin's rating points = 260-25 = 235
Colin's rating points = 140+25 = 165

Should the coaches tie:
Gavin's rating points = 260-13 = 247
Colin's rating points = 140+13 = 153

(Generalship Ranking concept borrowed from Warhammer Generals)

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